Ghar Ka Dastarkhwan: Johar Town, Lahore

  • by Rizq
  • October 11, 2023

In the heart of Johar Town, Lahore, a remarkable tradition has been silently nourishing souls for the past three decades. It’s not a fancy restaurant, and you won’t find any grand signboards proclaiming its presence. Instead, it’s an unassuming place where love, compassion, and a mother’s devotion have blended into a legacy of kindness. This is the story of “Ghar Ka Dastarkhwan.”

Every day, as the clock strikes noon, the aroma of freshly prepared home-cooked meals fills the air around Rukhsana Izhar’s home. For thirty years, she has been a beacon of hope for her community, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry. Rukhsana’s dedication to serving those in need has not only inspired admiration but has also sown the seeds of a profound movement known as Rizq.

Rukhsana Izhar, a mother with a heart overflowing with love and compassion, has unwittingly become the driving force behind Rizq’s noble mission. Her son, Huzaifa Ahmad, one of Rizq’s co-founders, drew profound inspiration from his mother’s unwavering commitment to feeding the hungry. This commitment was not his alone; it was a shared vision with two of his friends, Musa Aamir and Qasim Javed, that eventually led to the foundation of Rizq. Together, they embarked on a journey to extend the legacy of compassion and service initiated by Rukhsana Izhar. Rukhsana’s simple yet profound belief that no one should leave her doorstep empty-handed, that even a piece of bread can make a difference in someone’s life, has ignited a movement that touches countless hearts.

For thirty years, Rukhsana has opened her home and heart to those in need. Her daily act of organizing Dastarkhwans, communal meals for the hungry, has become a lifeline for many. It’s a ritual born not out of obligation but out of a genuine desire to bless others with a mother’s love and care.

The legacy of “Ghar Ka Dastarkhwan” is proof of the power of compassion, kindness, and the profound impact one person’s dedication can have on an entire community. Rukhsana Izhar’s story resonates deeply with Rizq’s core values, where feeding the hungry is not just a charitable act but a reflection of our shared humanity.

In her humble abode, Rukhsana Izhar has not only nourished bodies but also touched countless hearts. She has shown us that the true essence of community lies in caring for one another. Rukhsana’s legacy lives on, and through Rizq, her message of compassion and service to humanity reaches even further.



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