Rising Above the Deluge: Rizq Mega Kitchen on front lines of Emergency Response 2022

  • by Rizq
  • October 11, 2023

In the wake of disaster, the human spirit is tested, and resilience shines through like a beacon of hope. It’s a testament to the unshakable spirit of humanity when people come together, not just to survive, but to thrive even in the darkest of times.

The devastating floods of 2022 bore witness to this spirit, leaving in their wake a trail of destruction in Pakistan across the provinces of  Southern Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan. Homes were washed away, livelihoods were demolished, and communities were left grappling with the harsh reality of loss and despair.

But amidst the chaos and desolation, a glimmer of hope emerged – the Rizq Mega Kitchen, established as a symbol of solidarity and resilience. In collaboration with the World Central Kitchen, Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO), and Monal Foundation, Rizq embarked on a mission to combat not just hunger, but despair itself.

In Khairpur, Sindh, Rizq Mega Kitchen sprang into action, a demonstration of the heartwarming strength of collective compassion and the unbreakable commitment to uplift humanity. This kitchen became a hope, dishing out around 3,000 meals every day to the flood-affected communities.

But it wasn’t just about the quantity; it was about the quality and care that went into each meal. Behind the scenes, professional chefs worked tirelessly to ensure that every meal was not just hygienic but also packed with the essential nutrients needed to nourish both body and soul. Rizq, in collaboration with World Central Kitchen, also deployed mobile kitchens to reach flood-affected areas and distribute meals to the communities in need.

Established in September 2022, the Rizq Mega Kitchen quickly became a symbol of hope. It stood as a proof  to the unbreakable human spirit and the sheer will to not just survive but to thrive against all odds. 

As the floodwaters receded, the kitchen had served a staggering 89,000+ meals. These weren’t just numbers; they were a reflection of the collective strength of a community that refused to bow down to adversity.

In times of adversity, the true essence of humanity shines. The Rizq Flood Emergency Response of 2022 was not just about providing meals; it was about restoring faith, rekindling hope, and reaffirming our shared commitment to stand together against any challenge.

As we look back on those trying times, let it serve as a reminder that together, we can rise above any deluge, no matter how daunting. It’s a story of resilience, a story of humanity rising above, and a story that inspires us all to keep the flame of hope burning, even in the darkest of storms.



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