Points of Light
Award by Queen

Queen Elizabeth II honors Syed Hassan Irfan and Huzaifa Ahmad, co-founders of Rizq, with the Commonwealth Points of Light Award. Recognizing their outstanding contributions, the award acknowledges their efforts to combat hunger and food wastage in Pakistan. Rizq’s impactful work receives royal recognition as a beacon of positive change in the Commonwealth.

Corona Heros

Governor Punjab acknowledges Rizq’s commendable efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Recognizing their impactful contributions, Rizq’s team receives recognition for their relentless work in providing relief and support to those affected by the pandemic. The acknowledgment reflects the organization’s dedication to serving the community during challenging times.

Pride of Pakistan Award

On Pakistan Day, Mrs. Rukhsana Izhar, representing Rizq, receives the Pride of Pakistan Award. The honor is a tribute to her remarkable contributions through Rizq in alleviating hunger and supporting the community. This recognition on March 23rd symbolizes her significant role in fostering positive change and humanitarian efforts.