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Our Aim

Advocating & Sharing, for a Waste Free World

Rizq Bachao is dedicated to rescuing food across the entire supply chain, ensuring it reaches those who need it most. We work relentlessly to redirect surplus food to deserving communities, aiming to eliminate food waste from our collective conscience. Our partnerships with government and civil society entities strengthen our advocacy for a zero-waste future.


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Food Waste: An Unavoidable
Global Challenge

Consider this: every year, approximately 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted globally, which amounts to nearly one-third of all food produced for human consumption. Not to mention, food waste alone has a resounding impact on our socio-economic and environmental landscape, with climate change the most imminent threat to mankind. This staggering statistic underscores the urgency to address this issue and unlock the immense social, economic, and environmental benefits that lie in reducing food waste
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tons Food is wasted in Pakistan Annually
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of Pakistani people face severe food shortage
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people remain food insecure in Pakistan

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Food Rescue

With the noble mission of Rizq Bachao, we actively engage in the vital task of saving and redistributing food. Our dedicated initiative spans the entire food supply chain, from the farm to the fork, ensuring that no food goes to waste and reaches deserving communities.

Capacity Building of partners

Capacity Building of partners: Rizq Bachao collaborates with government bodies, businesses, and civil society organizations to strengthen efforts against food waste. We also enhance the skills, knowledge, and abilities of individuals or organizations through these collaborations.

Community-Centric Redistribution

We are channeling rescued food to underserved communities in need ensuring direct delivery to those experiencing food insecurity, effectively meeting the needs of our most vulnerable populations.


In championing the cause of Rizq Bachao, we passionately promote redirecting surplus food to those in need. Our efforts extend to raising awareness about food waste, engaging communities in waste reduction, and advocating for policy changes to effectively address the pressing issue of food insecurity.


We advocate redirecting surplus food to those in need, raise awareness on food waste, engage communities in waste reduction, and lobby for policy changes. Our commitment to transparency ensures effective food distribution management.

Program Value & Belief

Every bite, every grain holds endless potential.

At the core of our belief lies the profound understanding that nourishment is the catalyst for unleashing the boundless potential within every individual. And so, we embrace the intrinsic value of every morsel, recognizing that within it lies the power to ignite greatness and empower lives.


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Rizq Bachao connects with nexus for food suppliers, restaurants, businesses, and NGOs. It minimizes food waste for suppliers, enables social responsibility for eateries and businesses by redirecting surplus food, and offers NGOs a streamlined channel to tackle hunger effectively.
How it bEGAN

Rizq Zaya Nahi Kartay

Embedded within the teachings imparted to children across Pakistan lies a profound lesson: the intrinsic worth of sustenance, in all its manifestations, should never be squandered. Inspired by this timeless wisdom, three friends embarked on a humble yet transformative journey, founding Rizq an organization dedicated to tackling food waste, which is now Pakistan’s lead movement and organization working on food security.

Our Operations



Gather surplus food from restaurants, events, and parties to prevent wastage.

Sorting at Hub

Food is meticulously sorted and assessed at our central hub for quality and suitability.

Channelizing food

We channelize the food to NGOs, Orphanages and the communities in need.


We distribute the rescued food to NGOs, communities, and areas in need, ensuring it reaches those facing food insecurity effectively and efficiently.

Program partners

A Community Driven Initiative

Mufti Ismail Menk

Never let your food be wasted when someone else is starving.”

Program Highlights

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Arooj Farooq Donor

I am honored to be a part of this incredible initiative that is making a real difference in the lives of those in need. Witnessing the impact of Rizq Daig on daily wagers and vulnerable communities has been truly inspiring. The thoughtfulness and efficiency with which Rizq operates its food distribution carts is commendable, ensuring that nutritious meals reach those who need it the most. Supporting this program aligns perfectly with my values of compassion, and the belief of giving back to the community. I am grateful to be a part of this journey towards a hunger-free Pakistan, and I encourage others to join this noble cause.

Muhammad Hassam-ul-Haq Volunteer

Volunteering with Rizq has been an enriching and fulfilling experience for me. Being a part of this program has allowed me to witness firsthand the positive impact we are creating in the lives of the less fortunate. It is incredibly heartwarming to see the smiles on the faces of people as they receive nutritious meals through our food distribution carts. Working alongside the passionate team at Rizq has given me a sense of purpose and motivation to continue giving back to society. As a volunteer, I have grown personally and professionally, learning valuable skills and fostering meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

Tayyaba Beneficiary

"As a daily wage worker, providing nutritious meals for my loved ones was a constant struggle but Rizq has made it possible for us to have two meals. Not only do we get to enjoy delicious food, but we also feel cared for and valued by the community. The empathy and kindness of Rizq volunteers are evident in every meal they serve."


Happening Now!

    Let’s Take Action

    Join the fight to save lives, empower communities, promote social justice, and sustain millions of people around the world.


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