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Our Aim

Sustaining Pakistan's Livestock Farmers

Rizq Breeds aims to support sustainable livelihoods for livestock farmers. We achieve this by providing top-quality livestock, offering veterinary services, providing training and advocacy, and connecting them with conscientious consumers in the market. Our goal is to empower farmers, establishing a mutually beneficial link between them and discerning markets. We provide pregnant sheep to small-scale farmers along with a bull for breeding. They return the first offspring to us and keep the rest of the animals for sustainable income.

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Pakistan’s livestock sector
in crisis

Pakistan’s livestock sector faces several challenges, primarily due to the prevalence of small-scale farmers with limited land holdings. Economically efficient near urban areas, profitability in interior rural regions is low. Although demand for livestock products is growing due to a rising economy, higher incomes, and population, productivity per animal remains a challenge. Unproductive animals, low access to capital, and a lack of awareness regarding best livestock-rearing practices impact milk and meat production and result in a less-than-ideal herd composition, which impacts revenue.
rural Pakistani income is spent on livestock
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Rural Poverty in Pakistan
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Livestock drowned in the historic 2022 Pak Floods.
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Fostering Livestock
Success for Communities

Livestock Empowerment

Sustainable Practices

Financial Inclusion

Awareness and Education

Program Value & Belief

Empowerment Through Livestock Initiatives

We believe in the inherent capability of small-scale livestock farmers and their significant contribution to our livestock sector and economy. We envision their potential to thrive with our support, offering high-quality livestock, veterinary services, knowledge, and market opportunities to rear and sell animals without the interference of middlemen. These livestock animals serve as a source of income for them, and those animals are sold at our farm during Qurbani.

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  • Small Farmers
  • Rural Communities
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How it bEGAN

A Transformative Journey

In 2022, Rizq Breeds emerged as a natural extension of Rizq’s Qurbani program, dedicated to transforming the lives of impoverished, food-insecure Pakistani families during Eid. Rooted in a commitment to inclusivity, the program aimed to ensure that every member of society could partake in the joys of Eid, irrespective of economic status.

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Our Operations


Booking Animals from Smallholder Farmers

The process begins with smallholder farmers expressing their interest in participating in the Rizq Breeds program.

Ensuring Animal Welfare and Well-Being

After registration, Rizq guides farmers in optimal animal care and nutrition, educating them on health practices for top-notch conditions during Qurbani.

High-Quality Diet and Premium Veterinary Services

At Rizq Farm, animals are cared for by experts, receiving a tailored, high-quality diet for optimal health

Selling to Consumers

After preparation, animals are sold to consumers for Qurbani through Rizq, providing a variety of high-quality choices

Program partners


Program Highlights

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Beneficiary Ahmed

Rizq Khana has been a lifesaver for me and my family. Thanks to their affordable, nutritious meals served by dedicated entrepreneurs, we no longer worry about our next meal. It's not just about food; it's about hope, community, and a brighter future for us all.

Entrepreneur Ayesha

Rizq Khana gave me the opportunity to make a real difference in my community. Becoming an entrepreneur with their food cart franchise not only helped me build a business but also provided affordable, nutritious meals to those in need. It's more than a partnership; it's a mission that uplifts lives and nourishes our spirits.


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