Our Aim

Empowering Small Farmers for Sustainability

At GroRizq, our aim is to transform Pakistan’s agricultural landscape by empowering small farmers with essential inputs at zero upfront cost, coupled with training and advocacy programs. We aim to break the cycle of stagnation in the agricultural economy by facilitating self-sufficiency among farmers through increased access to knowledge, inputs, and capital, creating sustainable farming communities over multiple cycles.


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Our Small Farmers
Neglected & In Crisis

There is no shortage of issues for Pakistan’s small farmers. From severely reduced access to agri inputs, knowledge, and capital that results in a significant yield gap to facing high-interest debt because they have to deal with exploitative informal lenders and middlemen, our farmers are struggling. Add to that climate change disasters like the 2022 floods, and we are not only looking at growing poverty in our farmer communities but also aggravated food insecurity at the national level.
0 %
of farmers own no farm machinery besides a diesel generator
0 %
of farmers suffered from flood damage to their homes
0 %
have never previously used seed treatments
0 %
have not previously used Akbar seed varieties

salient features

Elevating Farmers,
Harvesting Futures


Our focus is on empowering farmers having land of 5 acres or less

No Collateral

Farmers are given inputs upfront with the provision of no collateral

No Interest

At the end of harvesting, farmers return the value of inputs without any interest

Quality inputs

We provide inputs to the small farmers procured by us that include the best quality farming inputs.

Program Value & Belief

Fostering Farmer's Prosperity

Working with small farmers is perceived as a low-profit, high-effort activity, and therefore receives little external attention. However, Rizq believes in the immense potential small farmers hold, and therefore works diligently to prioritize the welfare of our farmers as a pathway to long-term food security. Our approach is one of a compassionate uplift, but also a desire to create self-sufficiency and resiliency amongst these farmers, so they can transform the agricultural landscape of Pakistan.


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  • Industrialist
  • Widows
  • Small Farmers


Program Impact

0 %

Farmers felt that the impact of the 2022 floods was adequately mitigated

0 %

Farmers reported enhanced knowledge regarding advanced agricultural practices

0 M

50% impressive increase in average yield since implementing KDP

0 %

Farmers reported an increase in crop quality & seed germination rate

0 %

Farmers reported an increase in both yield and income

How it bEGAN


In the aftermath of the 2022 floods affecting 33 million people in Pakistan, rural areas faced extensive losses, disrupting lives and livelihoods. Recognizing the urgent need for agricultural support in these vulnerable communities, GroRizq embarked on an initiative to provide sustainable solutions. Through increased input access, regenerative farming practices, cost reduction, knowledge empowerment, and market connectivity, GroRizq is driving a transformative grassroots movement to uplift Pakistan’s agricultural sector and secure the long-term sustenance of affected communities.
Our Operations


Community Identification

Identification of Communities via Agricultural Field Officers (AFOs)

Farmer Mobilization

Farmers are mobilized by conducting an event where Kisaan Cards are provided

Agreement undertakings

Farmers sign undertaking agreements.

End-line Survey

Loan recovery completed after harvest. End-line survey conducted to evaluate impact

Program partners

Supporting to Sustain
Small Scale Farmers


Management & Operations

Qasim Javaid

CEO/Co-Founder Rizq

Seasoned Social Entrepreneur with a Master’s in Social Business & a passion for Sustainable livelihoods

Dr. Attaullah Khan

Head of Operations

Ph.D. in Agriculture, with 16 years of experience in developing and leading Agricultural Programs

Saniya Ali Wattoo

Research Associate

Agronomist with a background in Sustainable Agriculture and Policy Research

Advisory Board

Dr. Faiz Shah

Director, Yunus Center AIT Thailand

Overseen more than 300 development projects, and taught over 3000 grassroots changemakers in over a dozen countries

Mian Farooq Ahmad

Board Chairman, Rizq

7th generation farmer and seasoned businessman with a profound understanding of Pakistan’s Agricultural landscape.

Research Advancement & Policy Team

Dr. Mahmood Ahmad

Chief of Technical Officer

25 years of experience in Sustainable Agri R&B, Experimental Design & Environmental Policy

Dr. Majid Ikram

Research Associate

MSc Agricultural Economics & Ph.D Population Resources & Environmental Economics (Shandong University, China)

Asma Ahmad

Research Associate

Policy Analyst with a background in Environmental Sustainability Analysis & Hydrological Research

Program Highlights

Our Curated Gallery



Beneficiary Ahmed

Rizq Khana has been a lifesaver for me and my family. Thanks to their affordable, nutritious meals served by dedicated entrepreneurs, we no longer worry about our next meal. It's not just about food; it's about hope, community, and a brighter future for us all.

Entrepreneur Ayesha

Rizq Khana gave me the opportunity to make a real difference in my community. Becoming an entrepreneur with their food cart franchise not only helped me build a business but also provided affordable, nutritious meals to those in need. It's more than a partnership; it's a mission that uplifts lives and nourishes our spirits.


Happening Now!

    our projects

    Cycle 1

    GroRizq Cycle 1 helped 256 farmers on 1483 acres in South Punjab, focusing on agricultural rehab and resilient livelihoods after floods. An agricultural revolving fund was set up using interest-free loans and input provisions, with a primary focus on wheat.

    Cycle 2

    In Cycle 2, GroRizq continued its support, engaging 330 farmers in cultivating rice and cotton. This cycle aimed for ongoing prosperity and abundance, empowering small-scale farmers towards sustainable agricultural practices and economic growth.

    Let’s Take Action

    Join the fight to save lives, empower communities, promote social justice, and sustain millions of people around the world.


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