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Date: August 2015

The Rizq Involved
Campaign By LUMS Students

Rizq, initiated by three LUMS sophomores, addresses food wastage by collecting surplus food from households and events for distribution to those in need. In six months, with 35-40 volunteers, they’ve aided 2,500-3,000 people. Future plans involve collaborations, a food truck, a mobile app, and regular, large-scale food drives.
Date: July 2016

Covered by StartUp Pakistan

Featured in Startup Pakistan in July 2016, Rizq, a food delivery startup, revolutionizes food donation. Now, individuals can contribute their surplus food through Rizq, ensuring it doesn’t go to waste. This innovative approach aligns with Rizq’s mission to address food wastage while making a positive impact on those in need.
Date: July 2016

Covered by LUMS

Rizq addresses Pakistan’s 40% food wastage by channeling surplus from lavish events to the needy. Originating at LUMS, students collect discarded coins to fund nutritious lunches for government schools. The LUMS community, supportive and spreading the word, sustains the initiative. Incubated by the Social Innovation Lab, Rizq, now independent, continues to impact lives, supported by LUMS’s ethos of fostering innovation and positive change.
Date: July 2016

Covered by Kashmir Cooking Oil

Founded a year and a half ago, Rizq addresses the stark contrast in Pakistan, where 60% face food insecurity while 40% of prepared food is wasted. Starting with home donations, Rizq now collaborates with Kashmir Banaspati and Cooking Oil, enhancing their impact. Daily iftars, supported by Kashmir, feed hundreds, ensuring no one leaves hungry.
Date: August 2016

MangoBaaz article on Mrs Rukhsana Izhar who inspired Rizq

Mrs Rukhsana Izhar, based in Lahore, dedicates herself to aiding the homeless in Pakistan. She initiated daily lunches for the needy, now serving almost 200 people. Beyond dastarkhwan, she establishes trust schools, women empowerment centers, and medical camps nationwide. Operating a free school in Samsani slums, she teaches sewing to empower girls. Mrs. Izhar advocates for fair treatment and minimum wages for household workers, emphasizing personalized welfare. Her future goal includes establishing a home for the disabled.
Date: November 2016

These Students From LUMS Are Making Sure No One In Pakistan Goes To Sleep Hungry

LUMS students, Huzaifa Ahmad, Musa Aamir, and Qasim Javaid, launched RIZQ in April 2015 to combat hunger in Pakistan. This initiative transforms excess and fresh food into a purposeful resource. Through a single call to RIZQ, leftovers or freshly prepared meals are collected from your doorstep, ensuring they reach those in need, preventing food wastage.