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Discover yourself and choose the best career path, Register for our Summer Youth Program
Discover yourself and choose the best career path, Register for our Summer Youth Program
Discover yourself and choose the best career path, Register for our Summer Youth Program
Discover yourself and choose the best career path, Register for our Summer Youth Program

Rizq Qurbani


Rizq Qurbani

Our Aim

Purposeful Sacrifice, Compassionate Service

Rizq Qurbani Campaign is a noble initiative that upholds the principles of sacrifice and compassion. With the tagline “Sacrifice with Purpose, Serve with Compassion,” it embodies the essence of selflessness and empathy. Through this campaign, Rizq aims to make a meaningful impact by conducting Qurbani rituals with utmost devotion and adherence to Islamic principles.

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At the core of Rizq’s mission lies a deep appreciation for the profound significance of Eid ul Adha in the lives of millions of Muslims worldwide. Our initiative, ‘Bari Eid, Bari Qurbani,’ reflects our commitment to this sacred duty with a sense of profound devotion and responsibility. Our program is guided by a set of values and beliefs that transcend the mere ritualistic aspect of Qurbani. We believe in embracing the true spirit of sacrifice, extending it beyond the confines of tradition to shape our actions towards others. ‘Bari Eid, Bari Qurbani’ signifies our dedication to setting aside personal desires and priorities, creating space for empathy and selfless service to flourish.

How it bEGAN

The Journey of Rizq Qurbani

During the Eid ul Adha of 2018, the cofounders of Rizq Trust came together to perform their sacrifice, totaling four animals. The meat from these sacrifices was distributed among the underprivileged. As they shared their experience, this initiative garnered support and encouragement from the community. This led to the growth of the Rizq Qurbani Campaign, with the number of sacrifices increasing significantly the following year, reaching approximately 350 to 400 animals.

Our Work

What We Do

Rizq Team procures sacrificial animals from small-scale farmers and vendors one and a half months prior to Eid ul Adha and ensures that Islamic principles are followed in taking care of them and that the animals are healthy.

Rizq prioritizes the sanctity and adherence to Islamic principles during the slaughtering of animals.  With utmost care and respect, we ensure that the slaughtering is conducted in standard slaughterhouses, following strict hygiene protocols and maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. Islamic guidelines for halal slaughter are strictly adhered to, ensuring the animals’ welfare and the production of permissible meat for consumption. A team of professional butchers is hired who follow good hygiene practices so that the meat can be distributed to people almost in real time.

We hire cold supply chain vans and professional companies for distribution to ensure that the meat does not get rotten, and we distribute it through the network of NGOs among the underprivileged communities to share the joy of Eid with everyone.
After the sacred act of Qurbani, Rizq transforms the meat into wholesome cooked meals through Rizq Central Kitchen. These cooked meals are distributed among underprivileged communities, reaching those who are most in need. The goal is to bring smiles to faces, provide sustenance, and spread the joy of Eid ul Adha to every corner of society.

Our Work


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Mubariz Malik Donor

“I really didn’t know Qurbani for Eid was a click away. I simply placed an order on the Rizq website and made a payment. I received a call confirming my qurbani within 12 hours. In recent times, multiple players have emerged in this space that offer hassle-free Qurbani services and drop off one’s meat share to your doorstep. But if one is looking to club this convenience with credible distribution to the less privileged, then Rizq Qurbani is the best option out there.”

Loujain Amer Volunteer

“Bari Eid Bari Qurbani, the words echo in my heart, evoking a flood of emotions that I struggle to put into words. For three years now, this powerful slogan has resonated deeply within me, reminding me of the profound blessings and opportunities bestowed upon me by the Almighty. And in the last two years, as well as this year, I have been fortunate enough to participate in the noble act of distributing Qurbani meat among those in need.

Haleema Bibi Beneficiary

Eid ul Adha is a special time for my family, as Rizq enables us to relish the richness of fresh meat, a rare luxury in our routine. The delight of receiving meat packets during this occasion enhances the joy of our Eid celebration, making it truly memorable. Rizq's contribution is significant, providing us with an opportunity to enjoy hearty meals that bring families together. The freshness and quality of the meat add a special touch to our festive gatherings

Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)

Once the Prophet (SAW) was asked, "What is Qurbani?" He answered, "It is the Sunnah of your father Ibrahim (AS) for every hair of the Qurbani you receive a reward from Allah."

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