Discover yourself and choose the best career path, Register for our Summer Youth Program
Discover yourself and choose the best career path, Register for our Summer Youth Program
Discover yourself and choose the best career path, Register for our Summer Youth Program
Discover yourself and choose the best career path, Register for our Summer Youth Program
Discover yourself and choose the best career path, Register for our Summer Youth Program

Rizq Muharram


Rizq Muharram

Our Aim

Compassion Sustains, Hearts Inspire

Rizq’s aim during the sacred month of Muharram is to honor the significant religious and cultural importance it holds for Muslims worldwide. Through our initiative, we strive to promote a spirit of unity, compassion, and social welfare by providing essential resources such as food and water. We are dedicated to offering assistance and support to marginalized individuals and families, combating Food Injustice and nurturing a sense of solidarity and empathy among all attendees.

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Value & Belief

Compassion & Unity

Rizq Muharram Campaign is deeply rooted in the core values of compassion, unity, and dedicated service to humanity. In recognizing the profound significance of commemorating Muharram, our mission is to extend support and empathy to those in need. Through this campaign, we not only honor the sacrifice of Imam Hussain but also strive to convey awareness about his teachings and key messages. Our belief in the power of collective efforts is augmented by our commitment to combat food injustice. Drawing inspiration from the historical context of 10th Muharram, when Imam Hussain and his family faced deprivation of water and food, we are driven to address contemporary issues of hunger and lack of access to nutritious meals.

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Heartfelt Ramadan Unity

On the 20th of Ramadan, one of our co-founders and CEO, Qasim informed Musa that the following day, on the 21st of Ramadan, marks the martyrdom of Maula e Ali. Inspired by this occasion, Qasim proposed organizing an iftar, to which Musa agreed and offered to take charge of the next day. Subsequently, the first ten iftars were arranged, catering to diverse communities such as orphans, transgender individuals, and others in need. The memorable moments from these iftars were captured in photographs and shared on the Facebook page, which were acknowledged and appreciated by members of the community.

Our Work

What We Do

As we commemorate Muharram, it is essential to recognize the stark reality that many individuals around us lack access to basic necessities like food and water. In response to this pressing issue, our kitchen has become operational with a mission to address hunger and contribute to feed fresh, nutritious, healthy and hygienic meals to the people who suffer from food insecurity and food injustice.
During the Muharram campaign, Rizq organizes “Sabeel” setups, which are communal food and drink stalls offering free refreshments to participants and observers of Muharram processions. These Sabeels are arranged strategically along procession routes and at community hubs to provide water, sherbet, and meals to the attendees, acknowledging the significance of hydration and nourishment during the religious observances.
During Muharram, we distribute fresh meals and beverages to passersby in the areas of protests. Our dedicated team ensures that those participating in the rituals and processions find sustenance in the form of meals and hydrating beverages.

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Zainab Bibi Beneficiary

I cannot express enough gratitude for the blessings that Rizq's Ramadan campaign has brought into my life. As a beneficiary of their selfless efforts, I have experienced firsthand the compassion and generosity that Rizq and its supporters embody. During the holy month of Ramadan, when my family and I were struggling to make ends meet, Rizq's Dastarkhwan became a beacon of hope. The nutritious meals they provided not only satisfied our hunger but also restored our faith in humanity.

Zainab Irshad Volunteer

Waiting for Ramadan and its on ground volunteering opportunities is one of the most exciting parts of the year. During fasting, when I collected donations in the daytime and served people in the evening before eating properly, this practice gave me a sense of belonging which changed me as a person. The collective impact that we made within thirty days of Ramadan made me believe in the power of teamwork and the true potential of youth. It made me believe in the cause of Rizq; lack of compassion is true poverty, and its abundance is Rizq. For two years, I have been connected with Rizq's Ramadan Campaign, with exceptional experience each year.

Mudassir Ali Donor

I am truly humbled to have been a part of Rizq's Ramadan campaign, "Rizq Bantnay Se Barhta Hai." It has been an immensely rewarding experience, witnessing the transformative impact of collective compassion during the holy month. Participating in Rizq's Ramadan campaign has allowed me to contribute to a cause that holds deep meaning for me. The act of sharing Rizq with those less fortunate has not only nourished their bodies but has also nourished my soul. It has reminded me of the blessings I have been bestowed with and the importance of giving back to my community.

Imam Hussain ibn Ali

“Stand up for what is right, even if you are standing alone."

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